Can You Laugh Away Anger?

Last week I found myself with so much to get angry at  -- my neighbor who throws cat s**t into my yard (I'm not exaggerating), the new wrinkles on my face (overnight!), not to forget the fact that I gained 2 lbs. because I have the slowest metabolism in the world and have to jog 9 miles to work off a tic tac I had in 2005. That's when I remember that years ago a FLASHER interrupted a jog but I decided to make a different choice - not to get ANGRY, but to get FUNNY.  You will laugh out loud at my new blog:  "Can You Laugh Away Anger?"

If life has been getting you DOWN, please READ and COMMENT on "Psychology Today." I LOVE reading your comments.

I'm getting SO excited! Only 10 days to "The Message of You Workshop!" There will be stories told and TED talks written. Details and registration HERE.

Many of you from past comedy conventions remember Tracy Newman, former TV Producer of "Ellen," "According to Jim," among many more shows. Well, she's reinvented her life as a singer/songwriter 
and I highly recommend watching her new music video, "I Just See You." It's about 4 little words we all want to hear from our partner.  http://bit.ly/I-Just-See-You


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