Do Men Nag More Than Mothers?

My blog this week is titled: "Do Men Nag More than Mothers? - When Nagging is Love."

Google doesn't think so. Trying to get a picture off Google Images for "men nagging" - THERE WERE NONE. Plenty of women nagging men. Plenty of mothers nagging children... and billions of Jewish mothers nagging EVERYONE. (Thanks to my buddies Cathryn Michon and Bruce Cameron for posing for the blog pic.)

But... On the anniversary of my mother’s death, I was crossing the street, deep in thought when a guy lowered his car window and shouted at me, “Smile! You look prettier when you smile!” Have you had a stranger do drive-by nagging? PLEASE CONTINUE READING and COMMENT at Psychology Today...

I know this blog will make you laugh... and maybe tear up at the end...

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