12 Tips to Write Your TED Talk

Doing a TED talk is the quickest way to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader. But, most people turn off audiences as they make the mistake of turning their talk into a "ME FEST."  This week I'm bringing you 12 tips to help you find “your idea worth sharing” and compose your TED talk. Here they are, posted on Psychology Today: "12 Tips on How to Compose Your TED Talk."


  1. This post looks really helpful! I'm not specifically doing TED talks, but I am working on doing some motivational speaking in my area. I want to be sure that I do it well, and that I can get a good message across. I think that if I were to apply these 12 tips that I would probably do a lot better when I start speaking. Thanks for the great article! http://www.justinalyssa.com/4-secret-language-patterns-of-superhuman-influential-speakers/

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