Outlaw immigrants? Then No Baklava for Trump!

Stop hypocrisy by living by the laws you make


Our Congress refuses to pass laws on gun control as they voted down 4 bills today.

While everyone is talking about Orlando, I am thinking of another state, Ohio. In a few weeks, Republicans will flock there but although Ohio is an open carry state, no guns will be allowed at the convention. Right out of the gate, Donald Trump talked about the wall he would build if elected and in fact, he has already built one for himself.  His wall of high security at Trump Tower, his bodyguards, his private jets means he doesn't have to be in around crazy people who have assault rifles, but the rest of us do.

There certainly wasn't a wall of protection around anyone who died from a bullet in a movie theater, a high school, a church, a college campus, or, most recently, a nightclub.

Sobbing along with others in my Venice Beach community, we listened as they read the 49 names of the mostly gay Latinos gunned down in Orlando. We hugged each other and recommitted to the fight to end easy access to assault rifles that allow a mentally ill person to shoot hundreds in minutes.

I was sure that this would be the event that pushed our leaders to do something to stop this gun insanity. Instead, I hear I hear Donald Trump’s solution is building walls and preventing immigrants from entering this country.

You know the Golden Rule? Treat others as you would want to be treated? I have a new one. The people who make the laws have to live by the laws they create.

Strange as they say that everyone carrying guns makes us safer. Following that logic, concealed weapons SHOULD be allowed at their convention. They want them in schools, then why not at their convention or, for that matter, in Congress?

Similarly those who refuse to raise the minimum wage should be paid like the employees at Walmart. And we all know that the clerks work a hell of lot harder than our Congress people.

They don’t like Obamacare? Cancel their free medical insurance provided by taxpayers and let them try to get insurance with a preexisting condition.

You don’t support Black Lives Matter, minorities or gays? Then you can listen only to white people music. That’s right, bop along to an accordion solo. And, have a straight person do your hair (I’m sure that’s the explanation for Donald’s “every day is a bad hair day”).

You want to build walls that keep out immigrants? Then you don’t get to eat Greek or Ethiopian food, delicious Korean-Mexican short-rib tacos or amazing Pasta Fogioli at that new Italian restaurant direct from Naples. Enjoy your can of SpaghettiOs.

Let the lawmakers live with the consequences of the laws they support. Maybe that will teach them the contributions foreigners have made to our culture, and they might be more open to building bridges, not walls.

Sign the Petition: "Ban Assault Weapons Now" 

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  1. This Canadian is with you Judy! I also think the consensus government of Aboriginal People is a great idea!

  2. Right with you there girl... have posted to 8 social network platforms...!! Judith Elaine Halek

  3. you hit on the head. I was just about to post on my Facebook page. Send back the immigrants and I lose all my great ethnic restaurants. Trump stated McDonalds is his favorite. Hypocrites. Would Mister Republican conservative Dick Cheney be for gay rights if his daughter Wes straight!

  4. Right On my Sista!

  5. Judy,
    I will not be signing your petition
    One thing for sure is you make me think… and that isn’t always a good thing.
    I sure agree that we should “Force the people who make the laws, live by the laws they create” maybe we could start with Obama care, make those who foisted this egg on us live with it.
    As for the concealed carry people being able to carry at the GOP convention, why can’t they? Does it have anything to do with the GOP senators who voted down these proposed laws that would not have prevented the very thing that is bringing the issue to the forefront?
    Oh wait, Ohio made large venues “gun free zones” (just like Florida did for the Orlando Pulse location and the mall owners in Colorado made the theater) and of course the Secret Service (who is under the executive branch.)
    Just a thought…

    1. I like the way you think - keep it up :)

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