Using Entrepreneur Skills to Outwit Traffic

What sucks the life out of me is LA traffic. The 405 Fwy is now literary 4 or 5 MPH. So, I'm sharing with you a creative way around it.
Traffic upset may seem strange for someone, such as myself, who works out of their house. There’s not much gridlock between my bedroom and my office, one of the perks of my being an entrepreneur. I’m not sure, but I think "Entrepreneur" is a French word that translates to “one who works in underwear.” The point is, as a speaker, writer, and comic, I don’t go out much except to the airport. 
But last Friday, I made a date to meet up with a friend at my favorite restaurant on the Westside of LA -- Season’s 52. This should only take 10 minutes, but, no, this time I was in my car for a full HOUR. Apparently, where I live in Venice, California, has become the second most popular tourist destination in Southern California after Disneyland. I don’t know why people are choosing to bike along the ocean, visit marijuana stores, and look at homeless people when they could be having breakfast with Goofy. At least, the amusement park is gracious enough to put up signs reading, “From here you have a 3-month wait.” The California Highway Patrol isn’t as considerate, leaving me to discover the seasons would change before I reached my destination.
Being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic was making me nuts. Although it was a nice change of pace to have people swearing at me in languages I don’t know, at my age, I resent unproductive time. My frustration inspired an idea -- a way I would no longer get stuck in traffic, pay hefty valet parking fees (plus tip), and turn the trip into fun.  
My new love is called REDDIE. I bought an electric scooter! It’s not the Grandma old person scooter. It’s one that you charge up, then stand on, rev it up by kick starting, and zip to where you want to go. I keep it in my car and when the traffic starts to get to me, I park, unfold the scooter and wheeee!!!!  I’m a kid again. Problem solved.
I’m looking for financing as I want to set up a REDDIE-selling stand on the 405 Freeway, which should actually be called “The parking lot between L.A. and the San Fernando Valley." Instead of road rage, Angelinos will all be in better spirits. My next hurdle: what to do about bike helmet hair. 

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