A Rap Song For Admin Appreciation Week

Yes, the bad news is… no raise, but the good news is you’re getting appreciation. 
With over 22 million of you in the U.S. alone, working longhours with not enough pay— you really are the Gods and Goddesses of our corporations. I mean, aren’t you the ones who are supposed to stay late, make everyone else look good, and know who the hell “Bob” is when you answer the phones? (What are you, the Psychic Network? “BOB”WHOM?!) 
And what about all those computer programming headaches?This boss is PC-only. That boss is all about Apple. And for those baby-boomers who still use a freakin’ dictaphone- this isn’t Mad Men! Get with the software program!
Who has time for a love life? When you’re an admin, getting lucky is finding someone to fix your computer. It used to be when you had bugs, you called an exterminator; now you need an ET. Forget about tall, dark, and handsome; what you want is a guy with a big hard drive, a lot of RAM and knows how to use it. 
And that’s not all you put up with. One minute you’re working on the 500 “priority” deadlines your boss throws at you, and the next you’re his therapist, babysitter, or shoulder masseuse (or worse— but we won’t even go there.) 
There should be a song for you Admins. This isn’t that – but I wrote the Admin Rap Song just for you. Please forgive my lack of musical talent and soul.
So— crank this up when you’re stuck in overtime. This one’s for you! 

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