Hacking is Easy, Comedy is Hard

I'm being blackmailed by a standup comic/hacker. No joke. This story is so weird, that I couldn't make it up.

I got an email today from "Maria" who identifies herself as a standup comic/hacker. This person has hacked into my emails and website, drew a mustache on my bio picture and made demands that I send my "How to Be Funny" products  or "Maria" will express the full extent of her hacking abilities and destroy my sites.
Wow.  This is the first time I've been threatened to make someone funny.  I know these are dire times -- but are other professions getting these sorts of threats?

"Give me a face lift Mr. Surgeon -- or I make your Facebook page look like a before picture."

The first thing I noticed is just how unfunny the email was.  (Not even an attempt at humor; why not some ironic alliteration like "Humor Hacker?")

The email ended with a smiley face emoticon.  Seriously - a smiley face?  How hack is that?

Even if I did send my materials -- what kind of comic would he/she be?  You aren't going to do well with an audience when you start with, "Laugh or I will steal your identity."
Being a hack is easy.  If you take it seriously -- comedy is hard.  The message is -- websites are replaceable, but nobody can hack my sense of humor. 

So, thank you "Maria," for giving me a great story.

Dear Judy Carter

I'm Maria, I have two job, I'm stand-up comedian and hacker... I wanna you help me to improve my stand-up performance and I'll help you to improve your website.
So please send me your products free. I wanna ebook in pdf format of "The Comedy Bible","Standup Comedy: The Book" and "The Message of You" also 3 DVD of "Comedy Career in a Box".
and after that I help you in yourwebsite betterment... I think this is a good aggrement ... If you don't reply to my email untill 3 day I'll Start to proof my abilities

to proof my claim , I draw mustache for Judy carter photo at this page : judycarter.com/biography.php

Sorry for that but I'll make everything correct as I recieve your email :)

with best regards


  1. Wow. This is the first time I've been threatened to make someone funny. I know these are dire times -- but are other professions getting these sorts of threats? Como hackear facebook

  2. Mariaaaa, you've just met a girl named Maria,
    Shes kind of funny already,
    but touched like Steady Eddie.
    Mariiiaaaa, your going to hacked by Mariiiiaaaa,
    The answer can't be no,
    The kids a little slow,
    Your emails all assailed,
    Adult diaper secret unveiled.

    What do you do with a problem like Mariiiiiaaaa ?,
    what do you do when shes gonna hack your stufffff ?

    Sorry :) I couldnt resist.

  3. No comedy is easy.You can tell your funny because everyone is laughing.If your not funny, like Maria, you can tell because everyone is laughing.
    I think Maria is pretty funny already and you should invite her around and inform the (F)unny (B)usiness (I)nstitute to comment on her material, just in case she has talking doll called Chuckie handy with a meat cleaver, and grew up in a room with no sharp edges or things, and small vulnerable animals.
    I looked for the mustache, it was horrible. I had to download the photo and blow it up 100 times but there is was, a Brazilian waxers nightmare.It looked so real. You can get wax for mustaches from Germany.


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