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OMG! 175 people came out to the LA book launch of "The Message of You" (See pixs - and if you are in them, please tag).

Last Sunday was Message's first outing into the world. As any nervous mother would be, I was excited, but also scared. How well would Book be received and liked? But, listening to everyone's stories -- both shared onstage and via twitter (#TMOY - was trending!) I see the "The Message of You" becoming a movement as strong as the comedy movement.
Judy and John Morrison at Flapper's Book Release and Signing Event
Former WWE John Morrison
Even wrestlers need a message! 
The live workshop opened with a video. I took the stage and told people how to find their message from their "Heart Story." Then people got up onstage to speak about their journeys from mess to success with amazing authenticity and vulnerability. There were moments of people letting go of their masks, and leading with their messages: messages of surviving breast cancer, being honest about being gay, working a way out of depression, being a mother with a child with behavior issues -- and more.

Hearing these stories inspired me, and made me realize how we all can create a ripple effect of inspiration and turn our stories into a paying speaking career. We don't have to just go for the laugh, because if we do, we're missing so much more meaning that should be shared onstage. After all, even if you're depressed, nothing feels better than knowing that you've made a difference in someone else's life.

When will you start sharing your message? On sale ALREADY at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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