I had a Eureka Moment last night...

In my life and business, I follow my gut; I take action first, rather than spend too much time pondering what could happen.   As a result, I often don't know why I do things -- until much later.

Now, it's six days before my book, The Message Of You, is published, and last night I realized the reason I spent ten years writing a book to help people find and share the meaning of their lives. It's because my mother never really knew the value of her message - or how important she was to others.

My mother was a talented dancer and choreographer at a time when women had to choose between staying at home and having a career. My mom, Esther Carter, stayed home with her daughters. But, she still managed to put together musical shows for her temple, casting her friends in them, and teaching them to dance. Her message was to see the star in everyone. She would help others to find their talent, and treat everyone as if they were already a star. Because she died young, she never really had the chance to see how much she inspired the people around her - especially me.

That's the thing about our messages: we're all so busy living our lives that we don't realize how much we know -- and how much it's worth.

This week I'm promoting my book on the "Marie Show" and to get past my nerves, I'm going to imagine that someone just like my mother is in the audience. That way, perhaps, what I say can truly make a difference in someone's life. My message is that ordinary people have extraordinary messages tucked away inside of them. And when you find and speak that message, whether speaking at a podium or in the checkout line at supermarket -- you can truly make a difference in other people's lives -- and your own.

Judy Carter will be celebrating the publication of her book in LA and NYC.


  1. Judy,
    Thanks again for inspiring me. During the last fourteen years I have been teaching voice students to use their vocal and acting talents while I've developed my comedy career and raised my boys. Of all the things I've done in comedy, I don't think it compares to the lives I've touched as a teacher. Your mother has left a legacy in so many lives, some of whom she never met I'm sure. Thank you for the reminder. Sally

  2. You reminded me of my similar path . . . Living the large life my mom never got a chance to live. Congratulations on your own continuing adventures. You inspire me and many others. Gigi

  3. Thanks for this Judy - VERY timely for me to hear this !! Looking forward to the launch ...
    Patricia (Mitchell)

  4. Beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend.
    --Lisa J

  5. I just love you, Judy Carter - I hope that Energizer Bunny inside of you keeps going and going and going. Your mom would be so proud of you - such nachas she is getting in heaven :)

    Dr. Audrey Levy

  6. Judy, what a wonderful message. I can identify with that message of finding the greatness in individuals. I just recently went thru a move and a job change (from MO to TN); I substitute teach all around the Metro Schools in Nashville. I've met some amazing kids and some who may not fit into the definition of greatness, yet I still believe that they have something wonderful to offer society.

    I look forward to getting a copy of your book. I know a signed copy would be impossible with your schedule, but I'll look for mine at Amazon (will you offer a Kindle edition?). Regardless, since I have your "Bible," I'll be happy to own this one , too.

    1. Any plans to come to Canada to promote your book?


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