Marketing Tips From A Few "Mad Men"

Last week we said goodbye to the hit series Mad Men, an inside look at the scandalous world of advertising in the 1960s -- featuring sex, smoking and drinking. Don Draper gave modern day entrepreneurs lessons on how to present messages that will captivate an audience. David Letterman covered some of the same territory more recently, but we’ll save that for another blog. 
Below are a few of the best marketing take-aways from Mad Men:
1. Find that story about the product. Stats and data are boring. Leave them to Pew and Nate Silver. What Don Draper did so successfully was tell a story that connects to people’s hearts, knowing that’s what they respond to. As he said, “YOU are the product. You have to feel something. That's what sells.” Don’s disturbing past – that he came from a poor, troubled family – allowed him to understand what ordinary people go through. He learned from his past that a story has to touch others. Keep that in mind on how you can turn your mess to a success.
2. Take your clients out. Tweeting is the one night stand of connecting. It’s not enough. Back in the 60s, they had to make a call on a land line and take a client out for dinner and as many drinks as it took to win them over. They didn’t count on emoticons and fast sells. When was the last time you had a meal with a client? It’s an excuse for fun and a dirty martini. 
3. Don’t wait to be invited or for something to happen. Be pro-active. In the final episode, we saw Joan passed over by the male hierarchy. She remained angry only long enough to register what happened, and then moved on to form her own company. I’d like to say that sexism ended twenty years ago, but I won’t lie to you, especially as you flip through the channels looking for a female talk show host to replace the guys. I’ve ranted about this here.
We can learn from women. Like Joan, comic Kathy Griffin wasn’t satisfied by what was being offered to her (more accurately, what wasn’t) so she started her own room and told her stories with such great humor. She celebrated being on the D-list, turning that mess into a successful career. Put on your walking shoes and take your cues from women, as well as from men. The world can be your stage. If you don’t believe me, Shakespeare said it too.
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