About Bill Cosby: Why Did the Women Wait So Long?

Many people are questioning the truthfulness of the women accusing Cosby of rape asking, "Why did these women wait so long to come forward?” Here's why I can can understand their reluctance... Read More

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  1. This is absolutely b/s. Ok I can agree in the 70's and years before women kept quite on issues concerning this matter. But this is not the 70's neither is it the 80's or 90's. Its well in the advance 2000's (almost 2020). Where science is speaking about putting people on mars. (We yawn when we hear about people going to the moon). Where children can use technology better than an adult. Where women (and any race) can become president (and anything they wish). Where all gender, race, creed, culture, religion, disabilities and all statuses are at least 70% better than the 60's and 70's.

    (Get the point?)

    If this really happened to the (alleged) victims. Then shame on Bill Cosby and any other pervert. However they make it hard to believe. Saying the 60's 70's was hard gives no merit when it's late 2000's when not only 1 or 2 decided to come out.(but all of them?) Come on! Really!
    I'm totally against women/men abuse, harassment. I'm for equality for all people, men and women. I'm totally for the women if Bill Cosby did this act. However it is shameful if women are using this power to hurt men for personal gain.

    (And the logic doesn't add up).

    Also see story of Aziz Ansari (SMDH) sad.


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