How to Break Into Stand-Up Comedy

Get into the head of a Comedy Booker! You are invited to join myself and Jamie Flam, Artistic Director of the Hollywood Improv, for a tell-it-like-it-is, Free Teleseminar on “How to Get Booked at a Comedy Club” on Thursday June 19th, 12-1 PM (PDT) 

To get the poop on working in clubs, I had to hang out with other comics. That meant staying up late. Back in the 80’s, after the clubs had shut down for the night, eating over overstuffed pastrami sandwiches at some dive in West Hollywood, there was Tom Dreesen, Johnny Dark, Diane Nichols, Jay Leno, Mark Schiff and Jerry Seinfeld talking shop. That’s where you’d hear who was booking whom, how much we should try to get and whose checks were bouncing. 

When you stay up late, you wake up cranky. When you wake up cranky, you eat carbs. When you eat carbs, you put on weight. When you put on weight, you have to get bigger clothes. Don’t end up in the chubby department testing how far an elastic waistband will stretch. Take advantage of this seminar.

You no longer have to be part of an elite group to find out how to break into stand-up comedy. Recently, I was having a conversation with Jamie Flam, who books the talent at the Hollywood Improv, about the current trends in stand-up comedy. Who is hot? How does he find newcomers? Is stand-up dead? Is storytelling what’s happening? Relishing what I was finding out, I realized that my peeps would love to get in on this. And now you can. At no charge to you! (You can provide your own pastrami sandwiches).

Sign up at Eventbrite. Listen in for free and learn about the current state of stand-up from the eyes of a booker.

  • THREE mistakes that will torpedo your comedy career
  • What are the current trends in standup comedy
  • What clubs are looking for
  • How to submit yourself
If you miss it, the MP3 file will be available on my website for a nominal fee. Again, you’re on your own for the pastrami.

Be sure to TWEET your questions to @judycarter - Jamie will answer select questions during the Teleseminar.

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