With A LOT of Help from my Friends...

As many of my Facebook friends know, last week I was hit with a devastating disaster when my two dogs ate an entire box of snail poison that someone (not named) left in my yard. Apparently, to dogs, this stuff is delicious; my dogs ate the entire box.

Luckily, I got home just in time as the dogs were starting to have convulsions. When I saw the ripped open box of snail pellets, I grabbed the dogs and carried them to my car, and raced to the animal emergency hospital. For two days, I felt completely powerless, watching my beautiful innocent creatures in the ICU, and crying as I watched them hover on the brink of death.

The next morning I got the good news that both were getting better, and would live.

In that instance, the way I see my world changed from depressed to gratitude:

For the VCA animal hospital and their 24-hour care. It's hard to be angered by a $7,000 bill when I have my babies back.

And - for my friends who came over and held me, as well as my Facebook friends. I've always made fun of Facebook and the stupid things people post, but the posts I saw on a very dark night -- when I didn't know if I had lost my babies -- helped me hold it together.

I posted a video of Cody in the ICU on Facebook -- and it was the hundreds of loving comments and prayers that got me through those horrible nights. Your comments touched my heart, showing me that none of us are alone.

Why does it take a disaster to wake us up to the fact that we all are surrounded by much love?

Thank you for being on my blog list. I don't take you for granted. And, please NEVER use poison in your garden ... whether or not you have animals.

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  1. THANK HEAVEN! It is a blessing you arrived home when you did. That which really matters is that which makes our hearts sing and cry. Your post actually reminded me of my twin sister's death ...even from heaven I know she is still a dog lover. And yes I know she is in heaven because all dog lovers go to heaven!


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