Does CNN stand for Certain Negative News?

I was listening to an interview with Angie Gregg, (the daughter of kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro) and she hopes that people understand her father's actions are not a reflection on her family."We don't have monster in our blood," she said.

But, that’s a lie:  we all have “monster blood” -- including you who are reading this blog, as the American people lust after every salacious detail of evil crimes.

My CNN Breaking News app alerts me to evil doings all the time.  Beep, beep – “joker” guns down patrons in movie theater, gunman kills kids in elementary school, bomb goes off at Boston Marathon. Keep your phone alerts on as the next horror might be this morning!

CNN covered these events wall-to-wall, and quickly pivoted from the Boston bombers to extensive coverage of an evil man who for ten years tortured and imprisoned three young girls.

If you don’t like the tabloid style focus on tragedy, it isn’t CNN’s fault; they’re only reporting what the public wants to hear.  And as the crimes escalate in horror, so do CNN’s ratings as Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan roll TV specials promising “new details.”

(I have to admit, I’m one of those people who watches these specials.)

The escape of the girls who were held hostage is sadly, not to freedom, but now to another kind of imprisonment, where they will once again be robbed of being who they are.  They’ll be seen and known only in terms of what was done to them rather than who they are.

In the end, ALL of us, including myself, have committed a despicable crime against these girls every time we yearn for the details of this crime. 

The victims haven’t gone outside in ten years. And now, they can’t go outside without being mobbed by reporters, and without having cameras and microphones shoved in their faces at every turn.

 Our “monster blood” is doing it again to them.

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