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Like many of us, my father would often say, “I hate my boss. I hate my job. I can't wait to retire so my time is my own.”

My father took an early retirement at 55 as a mechanical engineer from the Los Angeles DWP, and he finally had the time to do what he wanted. The problem was, he had no idea exactly what it was he wanted to do -- with the exception of drinking himself into a stupor. 
At his funeral, there were few friends to lament his passing, to share wonderful stories of time spent together, or to pass on life lessons he had taught to them. No co-workers stopped by, so there weren’t any work stories to be shared, to tell us of accomplishments that should be remembered. And even the Rabbi was hard pressed to find stories that might show some meaning to his life.

Perhaps, that’s why I really wrote, “The Message of You” -- because I believe that when you clearly understand your life’s message, it gives you purpose. Most of our lives, like my father’s life, are dictated by the needs of others, our family, and our business obligations.  But, when we’re not doing the things we have to – how many of us can get up out of bed excited to express ourselves and do what we love to do -- and know that it is what we were born to do?

Your message is your legacy. I’m getting so many wonderful emails from readers of The Message of You who find it eye opening to do the exercises in the book, examining the journey of their life -- and finding it’s meaning. 
Don’t mistake The Message of You" Conference in October as just another speaking conference. It’s more than that. It just could be a life changing conference where you take an amazing journey – into yourself. Just like my dad -- you don’t have forever. What are you going to do today to determine how you will be remembered?

Sign up, travel to the conference, and be ready to discover your message. I’ll help you get started. 
The rest -- is up to you.

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  1. Very moving post. I'm grateful that my memories of my father are more positive.

    I hadn't thought of "The Message of You" being a path to finding purpose in life.


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