Do You Know What Your Message Is?

2012 was intense.

Got a book deal. Did speaking gigs. Two cats died. Partied at Burning Man. Procrastinated over writing my book. Dog died. Taught comedy workshops. Fought writer's block. Did a cleansing fast and lost five pounds. Rescued two beautiful cats. Gained six pounds. Met my book deadline and turned in my book to my publisher. Filled my home with family and friends over the holidays. Approved the final galleys of my book.

2013 is the year I give YOU my book - "The Message of You" published by the good people at St. Martin's Press. This book will show you that the ups and downs of your life contain a message and when you speak your message, not only can you make money, but you can change lives -- including your own.

I'm offering my readers a sneak peek, and you can download the first chapter here.

If you like what you read, in just 8 days (on Jan 10th), you can get your hardback or Kindle copy here at a discounted pre-sale price ($16, almost 40% off!). 

Also, if you buy my book on Thursday, Jan 10th you'll get a FREE mp3 titled, "How to Add Observational Humor to Your Speech."

I wrote this book for you because I believe that we all want to make a difference in the world but most of us don't know where to begin. You begin with "The Message of You."

Make this the year you find The Message of You and have a prosperous 2013.

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