Standup and Speakers: Use this technique to write funnier material

I've got a new favorite set-up I'm using that's so new it's not even in "The Comedy Bible." I call it, "Reluctant Admissions" and here's how it works:  I make a big, bold statement of "truth" and then I have to admit that it was actually a total lie.  Now, here's how you put it into action...
Recently, I was performing for a Canadian audience and I said:
[STATEMENT] "We have so much in common, you're from Canada - I'm from Canada!"  
[ADMISSION ONE] "Well, not exactly 'Canada' Canada...'" 
[ADMISSION TWO] "Actually, that's just what I tell people when I'm travelling through France."
Here's another example: 
[STATEMENT] I lost 120 pounds! 
[ADMISSION ONE] Well... I didn't exactly lose all of it at once. 
[ADMISSION TWO] Well, actually - I just lost and gained the same 10 pounds twelve times.
Your turn now. Riff on this:

[STATEMENT] I finished my first 5K yesterday!
And you don't have to be a comic to add this to your spiel. It's a great opening joke for speakers and comics alike!

Go ahead and post your on jokes using this formula in my blog comments.

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