Judy's Corporate Comedy TeleSeminar now available to download

Thanks to all of you who attended the teleseminar yesterday - "How to Transition from Stand-up to Corporate Comedy." Did you miss it?  If so, no worries; you can download it here.
My guest on the teleseminar was Patricia Fripp, who has an uber successful speaking careerJudy and Patricia, and is also a generous mentor for up-and-coming speakers.  She gave great advice on transitioning to a speaking career, along with some tips on how to run a creative career as a professional business. This was an eye-opener for many people on the call, since many of us comics tend to take roadblocks in our careers personally, and don't even think of looking for business solutions to overcoming those obstacles.  (Thanks Patricia!)
I'm committed to helping talented and funny people getting successful, so I want to remind everyone just how many opportunities are out there.
One of the listeners asked if the corporate market is open to gay comics.  The answer is, "Yes, as long as you get really good and know how to brand yourself."
We then talked about opportunity for diversity speakers, and even how there are speaking gigs at --would you believe -- nudist camps.   Just goes to show that if you're determined, you can find work regardless of who you are, or how you dress... with or without pants.
Callers also asked, "How does a speaker find their message?"
To find your message, you have to find out who you are, and what story you have to tell.  We all have a life story to tell that can make a difference in other people's lives.  It's not something that has to be made up; it's something that we are already are living.  Sometimes when I'm coaching someone I just can't believe how obvious it is.  It's right there in the stories you tell your friends and family every day.  (You just might need someone with a fresh perspective and some experience to help you see it.)
But, regardless of your style or message, start looking at your career as a business.  It's the surest way to change the course of your financial situation.
One way to develop a business perspective is to start paying more attention to your web presence.  Ask yourself if your blogs, tweets, and postings are just filling time - or if they're tools that you're using to actually advance your career.  (You aren't helping your corporate comedy career when your Facebook page has photos of you in a beer coma with the caption  "I'm my favorite vegetable!")
Want to be successful?  Start making some different choices.
Missed Judy's teleseminar? Download the one-hour MP3 audio of the TeleSeminar here.  
The buzz: 
"Loved the repartee between you two and the shared wisdom and experiences."
"Really great information on how to get started on getting lucrative corporate gigs!" 

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