Academy Awards 2011 bombs!

Last night watching the 2011 Academy Awards hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, it became clear that actors can’t do what standup comics do best – host and be funny. The show was a belaboring, boring, bomb! Let’s bring back comics to host the show who have the chops to connect with an audience, react to the unexpected, and be funny. I was dying to see what Jon Stewart would have done with the Kirk Douglas “going on forever” fiasco. Turn Wanda Sykes loose with that self-serving ABC corporate announcement.  But, putting James Franco in drag for an open-mic quality Charlie Sheen joke was a long setup with no payoff. Meanwhile, would-have-been comedy nuggets were left untouched leaving TV viewers to mine their own barbs.

Don’t get be started on the actors who won and had not prepared an acceptance speech.

“I’m speechless, what a shock!”

You had three months to prepare for this moment! Actors need to understand that they are nothing without writers. If you are nominated for an award where you might be speaking to millions of people all over the world, hire me, or another comedy writer to give you a memorable line that will be quoted for years. Actors are idiots.

It’s official, no more academy award parties, or even sitting by myself watching the show. There are more entertaining ways to spend a Sunday night – like watching a Youtube videos of babies dancing.

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