Tips on Comedy Writing

Tip #1: Rather than picking a funny topic (i.e. Viagra, anal bleaching, you get the idea), start with a serious topic that is authentic to something you're dealing with (i.e. a breakup, illness, moving back home with your family). Working off a funny topic creates hack material, finding the funny in a serious topic takes creativity.

Tip #2: Get your audience engaged by starting off with rhetorical questions. "Anyone else think that Lady Gaga's meat dress was over the top in cholesterol?" Remember, stand-up is not a speech, but a conversation, and including the audience is always a good idea.

Tip #3: Rather than sitting at a computer to write comedy material, get together with a comedy buddy in person or via Skype and create your material in conversation and then write it. We've created a new networking comedy buddy system, and it's free. Find your "comedy soul-mate" here.


  1. Hi. I'm afraid I can't find the "networking comedy buddy system". Please help me find it. Thanks.

  2. Gary - it's at http://myspeakerbuddy.ning.com


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